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Exclusive Interview With Mariana Abeid-McDougall

Each week we interview fellow writers to pick their brains and gather insights to help you with your writing career. These interviews are either written, video, audio, or a combination of formats. This week we have an audio interview with Mariana Abeid-McDougall who...

Top 13 Successful Non-Native English Freelance Writers

Every day, tons of newbie non-native English freelance writers give up on their dream careers because of negative thoughts holding them back - such as, "my English sucks," I'm not good enough," and "why would they hire me instead of a native speaker?" Finding...

WriteWorldwide Reader Interview Number 2 – Carrie

To end the week with a bang, we're giving you the second in our series of WriteWorldwide reader interviews. This time we talk to Carrie, who niches in health, business, and tech writing. Carrie, take it away! 1) Please introduce yourself to the WriteWorldwide readers....

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