A Collection of Resources to Help You Write Better,

Earn More, and Build a Profitable Writing Business.

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Land High-Paying Gigs

If you’re you sick of writing for content mills and earning peanuts and dream of earning hundreds -if not thousands – of dollars for your writing, then this cheat sheet is for you. You’ll find 9 templates the WriteWorldwide team used to grow their own writing businesses. One template landed Nick a writing gig of $10,400, and counting.

Write Blog Posts Clients Will Love

If you want to learn how to make your boring posts more exciting or just generally how to write better blog posts then read this meaty article. It covers everything from deciding what to write about and creating killer headlines to injecting your personality into your writing and optimising posts for search engines. Because it’s long we also created a PDF version you can download.

Improve Your Writing Skills

Let’s face it, you can market all you want but no one will hire you if your writing skills are poor. We created this mammoth guide that brings together much of the information on the internet about the topic. There’s a PDF version you can download if you want to read it at a later stage.

Writer’s Pre-Publish Checklist

Writing for the web involves so much more than just grammar and spelling. This post covers 23 things you should do before hitting publish. Included is a downloadable checklist you can refer back to when tackling your next blog post for a client.

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