Do You Dream of Making Money Writing?

Earn Your First $1,000 and Beyond

If you’re new to freelance writing – or even if you’ve been writing for some time – you might still feel like there’s something missing.

You’re a good writer. You work hard. But you just can’t seem to catch a break.

You try everything under the sun to build your business. You bid for low-paying writing jobs with thousands of others on content mills. You search job boards day and night with no results.

Maybe you even paid hundreds of dollars for a writing course, desperately hoping it would lead to the lucky break you’re always searching for.

But you remain frustrated.

Most of your proposals get ignored. And even when you do eventually get hired for your writing, you’re paid pennies.

You feel grossly undervalued. Life seems so unfair. No matter how hard you work, you just can’t make enough money to support yourself.

You’re left struggling to gain traction, moving from one low-paid writing job to another. It feels like treading water, and you wonder if you’ll ever get off the bottom rung of the ladder.

Soon, you find yourself asking…

Is it really possible to become a successful freelance writer? 

Is it really possible to work from anywhere with an internet connection, and build a profitable freelance writing business that will give me the lifestyle I desire?

It is.

Can I really live life on my terms, earn a fantastic living, spend more quality time with my family, and start enjoying life as a well-paid professional writer?

You can.

What would it take for you to live a life like that?

It takes just one more step forward…

A few short months ago, the WriteWorldwide team (Nick, Richard, Ciaran, and Yassir) were brand new to freelance writing. We were where you are now, and we know just how difficult it can be to start earning what you’re worth.

In fact, when we first started out we struggled to land enough work to pay our bills. We found ourselves spinning our wheels, moving from one client to the next, filled with frustration and uncertainty.

And then, everything changed…

in July 2016, Professional blogger Bamidele Onibalusi launched his writing challenge.

Bamidele’s challenge laid out a strategy designed to help freelance writers break into the industry. With his guidance, we were able to drastically cut our learning curves and build successful freelance writing businesses of our own.

Using his techniques and strategies as our foundation, we got started. We banded together after meeting in a Facebook group connected to Bamidele’s challenge, and started WriteWorldwide in March 2017.

We decided we were going to help other writers like us – by sharing our journey and the methods we found successful as we began our careers.

After a year’s worth of hands-on experience, trial and error (and finding out exactly what works and what doesn’t) we’re proud to present: Your Freelance Writing Roadmap: The Definitive Guide to Getting Paid to Write.

“I have recently landed my first two clients as a freelance writer, and The WriteWorldwide Freelance Writing Roadmap was a pleasant surprise and a major support at this stage of my career. Not only does it provide specific, practical examples anybody can follow, but it also helped me see that I often underestimate myself as a writer. It helped me to stay focused, recover some stamina, and start developing a business mindset – that is, thinking of myself as a professional writer with valuable ideas to offer, not as someone who is asking for a favour whenever I contact potential clients! I would recommend it to anybody who wants to write for a living, or just make some extra bucks writing about a topic they love!”
Maria Inês Teixeira | Language Teacher and Freelance Writer for the Language Learning Industry

We had expert help at the start of our writing journey – and it’s our aim with this guide to give the same level of step-by-step guidance to you.

Imagine the power of a tried and tested system you can follow to ensure you never have to work for anything less than you’re worth.

It’s a system, for example, that has helped Richard and Nick build writing businesses that consistently generate a guaranteed income of at least $2000 per month. And they only started writing a year ago.

That’s precisely what makes this guide different: it’s a blueprint created by writers who still remember what it’s like to be complete beginners struggling to land their first few paying clients – because that’s exactly where we were just a few short months ago!

We’ve struggled. We’ve failed. We’ve made a ton of mistakes. But we know what works.

And now, we want to share it with you.

What’s inside the guide?

In this simple, straightforward guide, you’ll learn:

  • How to build a solid foundation and launch your profitable writing career TODAY – even if you have no previous experience
  • The secret to landing high-paying writing jobs faster
  • How to move on fast from bidding sites and clients that don’t pay well (and even avoid them altogether)
  • The practical way to quickly establish yourself as a writing expert on any topic
  • Why most pitches fail (and how to guarantee yours won’t)
  • How to generate more income with less clients

The WriteWorldwide Freelance Writing Roadmap: Your Definitive Guide To Getting Paid To Write is truly the only freelance writing guide you need – whatever stage you’re at in your writing career.

What’s more, it’s filled with real-world examples from the WriteWorldwide team that show you in detail exactly what to do to if you want to start making serious income as writer right now, including:

  • The essential elements of a freelance writer website
  • How to find and keep clients who will gladly pay you what you’re worth – and even offer to increase your fee.
  • How to consistently come up with fresh and engaging content ideas – never be stuck for article ideas to pitch again.
  • Successful pitches and email exchanges that have brought in thousands of dollars worth of income. All you need to do is copy and paste!
  • A deceptively simple technique for finding prospects fast (Nick used this technique shortly after starting his writing journey and landed a gig that pays $250 per blog post)

Getting your hands on The WriteWorldwide Freelance Writing Roadmap couldn’t be easier.

Simply click the button below to grab your copy, and get everything you need to launch your well-paid writing career TODAY.

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“Richard, Nick, Ciaran and Yassir are pacesetters and action takers. They take action and get results. Follow them. You just can’t go wrong with them!”
Bamidele Onibalusi | CEO, Writers in Charge

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