Resources to Improve Productivity as a Freelance Writer

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5 Social Media Tips for Freelance Writers

As a writer, you can accomplish a lot by being active on social media. The various platforms are ideal for identifying potential clients, networking with other freelancers, improving your language skills and learning about innovative trends in the worlds of...

How to Find and Make Time to Write

Are you a freelance writer and busy mom? Are you a writer and full-time English teacher? Do you struggle to meet deadlines? Because time management is a dilemma many freelance writers face, I decided to write an article about how you can find and make time to write....

5 Simple Techniques to Find an Editor’s Email

Whether you’re building your prospect list to land clients or targeting a major publication like Huffington Post to build credibility, you need to send an email to the correct decision maker.  It doesn’t help sending a pitch to a generic email like...

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