This post is part two of a four-part series, where Nick, Ciaran, Richard and myself share our goals for 2018.

With 2018 just beginning, we’re already looking forward to succeeding in business and life this year.

The problem is, only 8% of people achieve their new year’s resolutions.

We write our new year’s goals with fleeting moments of excitement, without a well-disciplined vision or work-ethic to execute them.

We focus on quantity over quality.

Wouldn’t you agree that achieving three primary goals for 2018 is more fruitful than setting tens of unrealistic goals and not even remembering them?

That’s the exact approach I’m taking this year.

I made sure I only write down goals that are achievable and practical.

My process consisted of setting a few goals, then breaking them down into small, manageable steps I can work on on a daily basis.

Whenever I feel down, I always think of my “Why’s.” I remind myself of the people I’m doing this for, and the lifestyle I’ll have if when I achieve my goals.

In this post, I’m sharing my five most important goals for the year. Most of my goals are focused on education, self-development, and business.

1. Migrate to Europe 

Look, I live in Morocco – a third world country. Life here is not as fortunate as it looks in Lonely Planet travel books.

To change the unhealthy atmosphere I’m currently living in; I decided to apply to a few universities in Europe to finish my studies there.

On the other hand, I also want to experience new things, meet other people, and explore a few countries.

I’ve been working on this goal since I was 14 years old, and I never looked back since.

This takes me to one of my most favorite goals, which is learning languages.

2. Learn Spanish and Master German 

My first client as a writer was a language learning company. And today, I totally dedicate my content marketing business to this niche.

Exploring new language learning hacks and meeting new language partners is something I’ve been tirelessly doing in the last three years.

I’m upper-intermediate in French, intermediate in German, and advanced in English; and I speak Arabic, Moroccan Arabic and Berber fluently.

My goal for this year is to take my German level from intermediate to advanced and start learning Spanish on Skype with a private tutor.

This year before October, I expect to obtain a C1 certificate in English and German and a B1 certificate in Spanish. These certificates will allow me to apply to Austrian, German and Spanish universities.

To afford tuition and living costs in Europe, I need to up my business game, which takes me to the next section.

3. Increase My Writing Business Income to $4K per Month.

Since I launched my writing business in 2018, all I wanted to accomplish was financial and location freedom.

Writing is something I really enjoy, and getting paid to do it is to me like earning money for drinking cappuccino. $300 per cup.

Currently, I’m working on upselling all my current clients, and I plan to re-pitch all my previous prospects when I hit $2k per month.

From now on, I’ll focus my time more on marketing my services and landing clients rather than writing content.

In fact, I’ve recently started outsourcing most of my work to writers who charge no more than $20 per post.

4. Read 24 Business Books 

Frankly, I only read no more than ten business books since I started my first online business.

Over the last few years, I preferred to learn from blogs, videos, online courses, and experience, and I never paid enough attention to learning through reading.

But because I recently found out that content in books can be more detailed and better for deep learning than online articles, I decided to start reading more long-form content.

For January, I’m reading Steve Roller’s book, “The Freelancer Manifesto: 11 Big Ideas to Stand Out and Thrive in the New Economy” and Russell Brunson’s best-selling book “Expert Secrets.”

If that’s something you plan to achieve, too, I highly recommend you only read books with practical advice in them. You don’t want to waste your time reading motivational books that won’t take your business anywhere. Many of these books can be summed up in a page or two.

5. Work on Taking WriteWorldwide from 1M in Alexa Rank to 100K

Since Richard, Nick, Ciaran and I started working on WriteWorldwide in January 2017, we’ve seen a lot of improvement.

Our goal from WriteWorldwide was always to share our experiences with writers, especially non-native speakers, and help them make a living writing.

And we have had a lot of achievements. We’re launching our first ebook in the next few weeks, we’ve published 150 blog posts on our blog, and sent tens of emails to our subscribers on a weekly and bi-weekly basis.

On our blog, email list (click here to subscribe if you’re not a member yet) and social media outlets, we consistently share valuable content that we believe will help you take a step further in your writing career.

Because more and more people jump onto the freelancing horse every day, we would love to keep doing this, and I would like to see this grow.

A lower Alexa ranking will be achieved through attracting more visitors to and increasing our audience size.

Therefore, this year am putting out more content and I am sharing more experiences and advice with WriteWorldwide readers.

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