Are you writing for content mills?

If yes, you may feel like you’re in a rut, especially with “SEO” content.

In fact, one of the main purposes of WriteWorldwide is helping freelance writers move away from writing for content mills and low-paying jobs and develop a business mindset that puts writers firmly in the driver’s seat.

Personally, I dig my heels in and refuse to get paid peanuts.

From a professional standpoint, freelance writers should always be selective in terms of who they work with. Instead of spending hundreds of hours writing for content mills, why not invest that time in marketing your services (i.e. cold pitching, cold calling, LinkedIn, etc.) and landing high-paying clients.

Here are four reasons you should never write for content mills:

Reason #1: Content Mills Are Unprofessional

In a world where most writers are “employed,” professionalism has never been more crucial.

As a freelance writer, letting your clients boss you around can be an unhealable wound that can cost you your reputation, time, and money.

Many freelancers have given up due to underestimation of their skills by content mills and low-paying clients. This is definitely a result of not seeing themselves as professionals.

In fact, most clients on content mills are looking for the cheapest deal, they rarely pay attention to your value and your talents.

Reason #2: You’re Fighting for Nothing

When I first started freelance writing (in Arabic), I used to bid for literally hundreds of jobs to get only one or two $4 gigs.

Honestly, all the money I earned from the content mills went to sweeties, small Nutella bottles, and PayPal fees.

Bottom line; selling peanuts next to your house is probably more lucrative than working for a content mill.

Reason #3: You’re Not in Control

Independent freelance writers who work directly with high-ticket clients always set their own terms without being at the mercy of content mills’ policies.

Losing control of your business can lead you into a state of negativity that will end up making you subconsciously hate your hobby; writing.

Reason #4: Content Mills Won’t Help You Build a Portfolio

The pieces of content you write for clients on content mills won’t help you build a valuable portfolio.

Freelance writers usually deliver low-quality work that they can’t be proud of showing prospects. This kind of work is also unlikely to get them featured on famous publications and blogs.

Add to this the fact that many clients on content mills take credit of your work, meaning you don’t write under your byline. This blocks your progress and makes it hard to build social proof for your personal brand.

Without a doubt, some content mills pay writers fair rates. For example, Contently has announced that their average freelance writing rate is $1 per word, which is a rate that many well-established writers dream of.

Bidding for a few jobs on content mills might make you some extra bucks. But you can’t rely on it to pay your bills and put food on the table.

Investing your time on marketing your business and honing your craft should be more lucrative and valuable in the long-term.

Have you had any experiences with content mills or low-paying clients? Let us know in the comments.

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