Welcome to the thirteenth instalment in our WriteWorldwide reader interview series. Today, Suzy Jerusse shares her experiences as a freelance writer, translator, and editor. Here’s what she had to say …

1) Please introduce yourself to the WriteWorldwide readers.

I’m Suzy Jerusse. I was born and raised in Hungary, and have lived in a few different countries. I’ve been working as a freelance translator and editor since 2000. I spent a few years at various multinational corporations where I wrote articles for their corporate newsletters. I now have a team of translators working in many world languages.

2) Why did you choose to be a writer, and have you experienced much success yet?

I felt the need to express my opinions and ideas, so I decided to do SEO and copywriting jobs on a part-time basis. I’ve been quite successful, working on projects for companies such as Skype, Carglass, and Castrol. I have experience in lots of fields and specialisations, all thanks to translation.

3) As an ESL writer, have you faced any challenges?

Some clients prefer native writers, but I managed to get writing jobs through my translation clients. In the beginning, it was challenging to set up my schedule for both writing and translation jobs.

4) What’s one thing about you most people don’t know?

Besides translation and project management, I also do lifestyle coaching for freelancers.

5) What would you like to see more of on the WriteWorldwide blog?

I would like to see job ads. And I would prefer to see opportunities where I could cooperate with other writers on projects.

6) Are you connected with others ESL writers, and is that helping to boost your confidence?

Yes, I’ve joined some writing groups on Facebook. Being part of these groups contributes to my confidence as a writer.

7. What’s your favourite aspect of being an ESL writer?

I like challenges, problem-solving, and lifetime learning.

8) What’s your daily writing routine?

As I find it difficult to write creatively after a few hours of translation, l decided to start my day with creative tasks after doing yoga and belly dancing. I find it easier to express my ideas in the morning.

9) What methods to you use to keep your writing skills sharp?

I like writing about innovation, technology, and health, so I watch scientific TV programs such as Medical Frontiers on NHK Television. In addition, I read many newsletters written by professional bloggers and participate in groups on Facebook.

10) What are your plans for growing your writing business and client base in the future?

I will publish my series of e-books called Sustainable Freelancing; one of them is called the Healthy Freelancer. I also plan to continue specialising in health and innovation. I’m also developing my website.

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