Recently we reached out to WriteWorldwide email subscribers and asked for new interviewees for our reader interview series. Thanks to everyone who responded, we’re looking forward to publishing your interviews soon! Today, we’re talking to Egi Fajriyandi.

1) Please introduce yourself to the WriteWorldwide readers.

Hi WriteWorldwide! I’m Egi Fajriyandi, known as Santigo to my friends. I’m 22 years old, and I’m majoring in English education at Universitas Pendidikan in Indonesia, and am currently working on a research paper investigating EFL Learning Strategies. I am keen on reading many different books and novels.

My favourite is Rembulan Tenggelam Diwajahmu (Moon sets on your face), which is written by one of the most famous writers in Indonesia, Darwis Tere Liye. In addition to reading, I love playing futsal, basketball, and so on.

Playing sports is very beneficial to me because it keeps my entire body healthy and improves my concentration-span. I come from a small family – my father, my mother, my sisters and I all live together under one roof.

I I’m grateful to have all of my family as they’ve taught me the value of struggle, respect, and sacrifice, and I appreciate their kindness.

2) Why did you choose to be a writer, and have you experienced much success yet?

I have a larger ambition than to simply be ‘a writer’. To me, writing is like sharing and a way for me to give back to people and society. I can’t give lots of money to charity like a rich statesman – I’m limited in that way.

But, even though I’m still a beginner writer, writing is my way to help people benefit from my talents, so that’s how I want to do it. I haven’t achieved much writing success yet, but I really want to.

3) As an ESL writer, have you faced any challenges?

The toughest challenge I find myself facing is in the area of content development and organising my ideas.

Sometimes I find it difficult to paraphrase what I want to say, and I feel like giving up if I get stuck for ideas, or if I don’t know what to put in the next paragraph.

But I know that to work on my skills, I just need to read more voraciously about reading and writing!

4) What’s one thing about you most people don’t know?

Most people don’t know that I’m colourblind, and I also struggle with mathematical skills and spatial awareness.

But I’m proud none of that stops me from pursuing my dream – a world where everyone lives prosperously and cheerfully, and has access to education. I care deeply about that.

5) What would you like to see more of on the WriteWorldwide blog?

I love reading the many inspirational stories from successful people on the WriteWorldwide blog – keep it up!

6) Are you connected with others ESL writers, and is that helping to boost your confidence?

I’m not yet connected to any other ESL writers, but I think it would help boost my confidence if I was.

I get embarrassed sometimes when I ask my friends for feedback on my writing and they find grammatical errors or my writing isn’t as cohesive as it should be.

So ,If there are any other ESL writers who would like to connect with me, let me know!

7. What’s your favourite aspect of being an ESL writer?

Writing is a social activity for me. I like investigating situations and helping those in need, teaching students who need financial assistance, and getting involved in charitable causes.

Through my writing, I’d like to tell my story, and hopefully inspire others to be charitable and socially conscious as well.

8) What’s your daily writing routine?

I don’t have a daily writing routine yet. In fact, I could do with some tips!

9) What methods to you use to keep your writing skills sharp?

Right now I’m reading as many books as I can to help me form ideas and  build up my knowledge.

I have a desire deep in my heart to be a successful writer, and that’s how I’m going to do it.

10) What are your plans for growing your writing business and client base in the future?

I have a number of ideas. First, I’m going to create a blog so I can share my writing with people.

At the same time, I’m about to start writing a book. Then, once my book is finished I plan to run a seminar to introduce my book and my writing to others.

I’d also like to teach seminars on how to be happy with your writing process, so you don’t get stuck for ideas.

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