At WriteWorldwide – and in the larger freelance writing community – a huge amount of focus is put on blogging when discussing writing jobs.

This is understandable, given that over the past 15 years or so blogs have become an important and ubiquitous method for sharing content and ideas on the web.

It’s not a stretch of the imagination to suggest that there’s now a blog for every business (WriteWorldwide obviously included!).

Luckily all those blogs need expert writers to write for them, so it’s no surprise that they make up a huge slice of the tasty pie that is a lucrative freelance writing career.

But there is another avenue you can explore: Larger, more complex writing jobs that have different functions and audiences than a typical blog.

Today I’m examining three long-form writing projects you can pitch right now – that will boost your writing career.

1) White Papers

White Papers are arguably the most complex type of long-form freelance writing projects.

Used primarily in the B2B niche to help clearly explain the details of a particular product or concept, an effective White Paper must persuade the reader with facts, figures, and analysis.

A White Paper isn’t based on flashy sales language or clever wordplay, but rather a solid presentation of relevant data in a creative and engaging manner.

Sometimes, an informed decision needs to be made regarding things such as budgets, purchasing or manufacturing in business.

A White paper is one of the essential pieces of information that presents the case and completes the puzzle.

White Papers are generally 8-10 Pages long and run to several thousand words, depending on format.

They are most likely to be read by marketing executives faced with a problem to solve, or in-house staff charged with technical or purchasing decision-making.

Those are the types of prospect you should pitch to land a substantial and well-paid White Paper project – you could even write your own and place it on your website as a free download, then promote it to attract potential clients to you.

2) Case Studies

When it comes to long-form freelance writing projects, Case Studies are another great option to go for to give your career a boost.

Case Studies tell the story of the success a customer has had with a particular product or company.

Think of a Case Study as an expanded testimonial that starts with the customer as the focus: Who are they? What did they need and where were they before your client’s product or service came along?

Once this compelling character portrait has been established, a successful and effective Case Study will go on to show exactly how a customer’s problems were solved by the service or product in question.

Like White Papers, it’s important to back up your claims with data and analysis that support them.

For a Case Study to really hit home, the engaging customer story about how their situation improved must be balanced with additional factual information woven into the presentation.

Case Studies remain a powerful and essential form of marketing, often involving research and interviews, and command hefty fees due to the skill involved.

Don’t be afraid to compile your own case study on your website and promote it to showcase your talents. Doing so will generate interest from current and future clients.

3) E-books

E-books are a popular and widely used way to present ideas, stories and concepts and share them in a modern and accessible format.

When it comes to long-form freelance writing projects, E-books might be most commonly thought of in terms of a pure technological upgrade – simply a digital version of a medium that has already existed.

While it’s true that for a freelancer an e-book job might often involve ghostwriting a novel or an autobiography, they’re also a great way to repurpose existing material such as blog posts and articles.

E-books make a great free giveaway to reward a faithful customer base or attract a new audience, and are a convenient and eye-catching way of compressing information into a lively and easily digestible package.

A well crafted E-book is an important marketing tool and should aim to capture and enthrall – so don’t undercharge for your services if you take on this well-recognised, but often undervalued, job.

The long-form freelance writing projects I’ve looked at here will hopefully give you some inspiration if you’re thinking about how to give your freelance writing career a boost.

If you’ve been working on smaller projects with your existing clients, try reaching out to them and asking if they’ve thought about the benefits of a White Paper, Case Study or E-book.

You might be surprised at their response, and if you do have success promoting your own long-form freelance writing projects, let us know in the comments!

And speaking of case studies, Nick did one on finding writing jobs online. If you’re interested in having a look or just want to see what well laid out case study looks like, then drop your name in the form below.

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