Today we interview Jacob McMillen, a copywriter who earned $15,000 in one month. How did he do it?

Jacob has written for top publications and websites such as Crazy Egg and Kissmetrics. He has his own website – – where he helps other freelance writers, bloggers, and copywriters succeed.

But, things weren’t always rosy for Jacob. When he started, he was earning a few dollars here and there. In fact, he broke into copywriting after he wrote $12 articles about pest control.

As Jacob started finding his feet, implementing the right strategies and taking action, he saw results. In fact, one technique helped him land his first $5k writing gig; he hasn’t looked back.

Jacob share’s his journey and invaluable tips that will assist you with your freelance writing career. Simply hit play to listen to the 52 min interview which covers the following (and more):

  1. Writer’s who’ve profoundly influenced him (one writer mentioned in the interview earned $19,000 in one month)
  2. The value of working with others to achieve success
  3. The moment he realised he could make much more money from his writing
  4. How he doubled his income in one year by shifting focus
  5. The No-Risk Pitch Method he used to land his first $5k writing gig
  6. The techniques he uses to land clients
  7. The significance of writing well to command higher rates
  8. The power of guest posting to build your writing career
  9. The importance of leveraging your social proof for higher pay
  10. His writing process and the power of outsourcing

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