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Should You Cold Pitch More Than One Person In a Company?

You’ve found a company that you want to work for, pitched someone in the marketing department, followed up at least three times and all you hear is crickets. What do you do next? Do you just take it as a sign that it wasn’t meant to be - and move on - or...

Exclusive Interview With Serbian Writer Katarina Lukic

Today on WriteWorldwide we interview Katarina Lukic, a tech writer and content strategist based in Serbia. Katarina talks about her experience with freelancing as an ESL writer and how she started her writing business. Read on to learn more about Katarina Lukic's...

WriteWorldwide Interview Number 10 – Shierly Hugo

Recently we reached out to WriteWorldwide email subscribers and asked for new interviewees for our reader interview series. Thanks to everyone who responded, we're looking forward to publishing your interviews soon! The first to respond to the message was Shierly...

How to Conduct Potential Client Research on LinkedIn

Are you up-to-date with the best new marketing strategies for freelance writers? Do you know how savvy writers market their services and find potential clients interested in partnering with them? Whether your answer is "not really" or a resounding "yes", let the...

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