The go-to resource for freelance writers who use English as a second language.

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Welcome to WriteWorldwide

We’re the go-to online resource for YOU – the freelance writer with English as a second language.

WriteWorldwide was created by 4 freelance writers (Ciaran, Nick, Yassir and Richard) from around the world who’ve built their own writing businesses through trial and error, hard work, and some great advice from those in the know.

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Our mission is simple – to provide YOU with tips, advice and bucket-loads of free, actionable content to build your confidence, overcome barriers, improve your positioning and ultimately make a solid living writing.

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“Richard, Nick, Ciaran and Yassir are pacesetters and action takers. They take action and get results. Follow them. You just can’t go wrong with them!” Bamidele Onibalusi | CEO, Writers in Charge

So, Why Are We Doing This?

Freelance writing is a fantastic career choice … if you’re reading this we’re sure you agree!

There’s lots of great advice and support available online for writers. But often this information is difficult to find, or specifically targeted towards writers who are native English speakers.

We started WriteWorldwide to change all that.

On this site you’ll find regular blog posts that teach you the nuts and bolts of how to build your freelance writing career. From how to get your first few samples and build a website that attracts clients, to marketing your services and finding clients who pay well.

And don’t forget, since we’re dedicated to helping freelance writers with English as a second language, you’ll find tons of useful advice on the topics that matter to you … things like choosing an editor, accepting payments from abroad, building your confidence and improving your written English.

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