A few weeks ago, I talked about how important flawlessness in your writing is. 

I shared three tips I personally use to “winnow” my work and make it more readable.

In fact, what I penned was just a drop in the ocean compared to the endless ways writers use to edit their work.

Along the way, I’ve collected several editing strategies in my arsenal.

Here a few other ways to easily edit your own writing:

Tip #1: Keep it Short

It happens to us all…

When we read someone’s work and lose control of our eyeballs.

And wonder: Why is it so fast-paced?

It’s because people KISS (Keep it simple, stupid.) Readers love text that flows like a river.

When I first started freelancing, I would spend weeks writing a single blog post.

As a way to increase my word count, I used to keep my sentence very long.

For example, instead of saying “To increase my word count,” I wrote, “As a way to increase my word count.”

Here are a few other examples from Ann Handley’s best-selling book, “Everybody Writes:”

  1. Ways by which = Ways
  2. Continues to be = Remains
  3. In order to = To
  4. There will be times when = Sometimes, At times
  5. Despite the fact that = Although, Though
  6. At which time = When
  7. When it comes to = When
  8. The majority of = Most

Tip #2: Read Your Writing Out Loud

Using this traditional High School rule is very effective. When reading your work aloud, all flaw mistakes jump off the page like crazy.

You can also have someone (whether robot or human) read it to you. You can also record it yourself.

Natural Readers is my favourite tool. It allows you to choose different automatic readers with different voices. I prefer the reader “UK, Charles.”

Tip #3: Read Backwards

Reading backwards can help you find mistakes you would not find reading forwards. Start with the last paragraph of your work.

This way, you can pay careful attention to details and force your brain to concentrate and engage in reading your content.

Tip #4: Print Out Your Work

The power of printing out your work is manifested in the new perspective that you get from seeing your work differently. It’s a smart way to trick your brain by exposing it to a new form. It makes you pay more attention to details.

Seeing your writing from a different angle can help you make corrections related to punctuation, poor word choice, grammar, sentence flow, etc.

If you don’t have a printer, you can change the font of your text.

With dreams of landing high-paying writers and succeeding as a freelance writer, editing your own writing is crucial. Even the smallest mistakes in your writing could cost you thousands of dollars, if not more.

Unfortunately, many ESL writers make unforgivable mistakes and have no clue how to correct them.

But you do.

You now have what it takes to write flawless cold-emails and samples to land your first well-paying writing jobs!

Are you ready to write compelling content?

Then why wait a moment longer?

Take action!

Do you have a favourite strategy for editing your own work? Leave a comment and let us know.

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